Thursday, August 13, 2009

Forever 21 Twist presents *CIRQUE 21*

Forever 21 is known for it's affordable and adorable fashions, but who knew they would present a whole CIRCUS line? That's right, Forever 21 has created a limited new fashion line that has a whole new twist. Based off of circus girls, this line marks a whole new era in Forever 21 history. Here are a couple of my personal favorites from this line. Hurry in stores now to get these fabulous looks, because they are limited!
The way this outfit is presented is a little over the top (i.e. I would take away the ribbons in the hair) but it would be perfect for a small gathering with friends. The plum high-knee socks greatly compliment the dark pink ruffle/layered skirt. Instead of bright pink gloves, I would wear plum gloves to match the socks.
This outfit is completely perfect in every way. The dress is beautiful and a classic, and the bright yellow socks add the greatly needed punch to the outfit. Definitely the way to go for a not-too-big party.
Same goes for this outfit: simply perfect. The definite way to go for shopping in the mall, but I would swap the heels for some black gladiators.
Just like the past two, this outfit is well put together. Perfect for: GNO (girls night out)
Man, score one for the person who put this outfit together. This is probably my favorite. Over sized cardigans are really in at the time, and the red really makes this outfit perfect. Ideal for really anything, but leaning towards the casual side.

Did anyone notice how she's wearing the same shoes in almost all but one of the pictures?
These outfits are really adorable and most definitely in a good price range. Forever 21 is a fabulous store and if you haven't already dropped by, I would definitely recommend shopping there. The only problem is when you get there, you're really overwhelmed by the amount of clothes. It's hard to buy items that you know would make the perfect outfit because your dream skirt may be on one side of the store and the ideal top to fit that outfit is on the other side. I would really recommend (to the F21 owner) to have some sort of system going on. Oh well, for now, we'll just have to use our fabulous fashionista sense. (;


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  1. OMG Moosey Moose! Sorry I had to type that. xD
    I was browsing their website and fell in love with all those outfits. ESPECIALLY that blueish skirt you bought. *snatches skirt* I'm going to F21 and buying one! xD In fact, I'm buying their whole circus collection!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D XD